Tank Derusting

Tank Refurbishment - Rust Removal and Coating



      • Maintain processing temperature (min. 18° C)
      • Hardner and Base must be mixed properly into a homogeneous solution.
      • Ensure sufficient ventilation during curing (see Anleitung)

Even the fuel tanks made of steel can rust!

On the car, motorcycle, boat, truck, lawn mowers etc.

This is how the tank looks on the inside.

Cleaning and derusting of tank from inside.

Cleaned with Tank Cleaner

Passivate the residual moisture tank with FERTAN Rust Converter then rinse out with clear water and mix TAPOX Tank Internal Coating into the tank and coat by shaking and turning.

Finally let the solution harden under air supply.

  • Tank-Sanierungsset

    79,75 118,90 

    incl. VAT

    plus Frachtkosten

  • fedox entrostungbad

    FeDOX Entroster Konzentrat

    19,90 83,50 

    19,90 16,70  /

    incl. VAT

    plus Frachtkosten

  • TAPOX 2-K Tank-Innenbeschichtung

    41,75 65,75 

    93,81 73,88  /

    incl. VAT

    plus Frachtkosten

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