TAPOX 2-K Tank-Innenbeschichtung

Fuel resistant

Ethanol resistant

Temperature resistant up to 80°C

Suitable for all tank types (e.g. motorbike, car, boat, ship, fuel oil tank, industrial tank)

Hinweise zur Fehlervermeidung:

  • Make sure application temperature is min. 18° C.
  • Hardener and trunk must be mixed thoroughly.
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation during curing (See Manual)
Tapox Small (285ml): Maximum tank volume: Motorcycle 20l / Car tank 45l

Tapox Large (570ml): Maximum tank volume 80l


Before use, stir the product TAPOX very well, add hardener and mix to a completely thin coating. Please note that TAPOX is a resin and not a paint and must, therefore, be stirred longer to obtain the completely thin mixture! Clean the tank very thoroughly before the internal coating, derust it and protect it against new corrosion with FERTAN. Only apply the TAPOX coating in a completely dry tank. Follow the processing instructions carefully. Working time of the mixed product, for intermediate storage at 0° – max 4° C, maximum 4 hours. If you do not have the exact processing instructions, which must absolutely be observed, please download them free of charge.

  • TAPOX 2-K Tank-Innenbeschichtung

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  • Tank-Sanierungsset

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