Prewax pre-treatment wax

Prewax Pretreatment-Wax


Pre-treatment wax for car bodies

Perfect for welds and overlaps
PREWAX is a specially developed pre-treatment wax for vehicle bodies. It is used to thin-coat the previously rusted sheet metal rebate with a very fine, extremely stable and creepable wax, which penetrates the seams and has been previously derusted with FERTAN. The final coating is applied individually to the underbody with UBS 240 underbody protection wax or in cavities, sills, etc. with cavity protection wax.

The pre-treatment with PREWAX ensures that even firmly placed sheet metal and sheet metal joints are permanently protected in the area of the weld seam, as the product penetrates these joints.

The product can also be sprayed on the outside to protect metal from the outside and leaves a very thin but stable protective film on the object to be protected. Product residues are easy to remove with white spirit.


Spray the product directly onto or into the folds of folds, overlaps, etc. from a short distance. In cavities, sills etc. spray the product with the enclosed Ø 4 mm probe into the cavity and slowly pull the probe through.

The penetration is clearly visible at weld seams/overlaps etc.. Since it cannot be ruled out that the excess product will run off due to the viscosity, cover the floor and remove product residues on objects as immediately as possible with white spirit.

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