Underbody Protection

After cleaning oil and degreasing, treat all critical areas on the subfloor with FERTAN Rust Converter.

Fertan Unterboden Application

Make sure the FERTAN Rust Converter is applied properly into overlaps, sheet metal couplings, frame connections etc.

Remove spring elements and open or closed body areas, such as tail lights, turn signals, etc. and also insert FERTAN into open frame openings for complete derusting.
After a reaction time of at least 24 hours ( 20° C ) or at the latest after 6 months, rinse thoroughly with water.

Fertan Unterboden Application

This is how it will look.
Now individually treat with wax, FERTAN Stone Chip Protection, depending on the requirement. As a final coat always apply a thin layer of UBS 240 transparent wax.

If the car is to be painted on the underbody, at first prime it and then paint it.

If the vehicle is only used for exhibition purposes, this is sufficient, but if it is used, even if only during the summer months and in good weather, an additional light and transparent protection should be applied to the paint.
Apply a thin layer of UBS 240 to the wheel arches and also to the lower floor plate. This is then water-repellent and protects against light stone chips, etc. For optical reasons, apply the layer very thin ( ! ) with the spray can and let it dry for 1 – 2 days.