Stone Chip Protection Wax

Stone Chip Protection


Quick dry


Colors: Gray and Black


Anti-drone effect

FERTAN Body & Stone Chip Protection forms an elastic layer with a fine-grained structure that provides resistant protection against stone impact.

FERTAN body and stone chip protection protects against petrol, oil, water, and salt. In addition, the product has excellent damping and sound-absorbing properties.

The product is made of synthetic resin and contains no bitumen or tar components. It can be painted over with all common acrylic lacquers.

Particularly good adhesion to steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum polyester laminates.

Preparation of the substrate for optimum adhesion.

Shake well before use.

Before application, clean and degrease the surface, e.g. FERTAN silicone remover.

Cover areas and parts not to be coated, e.g. brakes, exhaust, catalytic converter, etc..

Pre-treat surfaces

Steel: degreasing and grinding if necessary

Galvanized sheet metal: Mattify with abrasive wool and degrease.

Aluminum: Mattify with abrasive wool and degrease.

Stainless steel: Degreasing

Polyester laminates: degrease, sand with sandpaper P80 – P120 and degrease again

When applying directly onto steel, a primer is recommended.

Working pressure and nozzle

Apply with spray gun, nozzle approx. 4 mm and 2-4 bar working pressure. Reduce the pressure on the surface for an increased structure.


At the earliest 60 minutes after application at approx. 20° C.

Theoretical consumption

1 litre at 100 μm Layer thickness sufficient for approx. 3-4 m² surface area.


Store in a dry and cool room, avoid direct sunlight.

Protect from sources of ignition and heat.

Can be stored at 20°C for approx. 2 years in an unopened original container.

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