Silicone Remover

Silicone Remover

silikon entferner

for Pretreatment

Dissolves all silicones, fats and oils
Silicone is a frequently used additive in adhesives, waxes, resins and other materials. Silicones are also difficult or impossible to detect. Silicone often acts as a barrier for the subsequent product. A cleaning, before the use of water-based materials or lacquers, is therefore essential.


Apply FERTAN Silicone Remover to a clean cloth and clean the surface thoroughly, then rub with a new clean cloth until dry. Do not touch or touch the surface with bare hands.

Suitable for: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, zinc and galvanized surface, polyethylene, PTFE, NBR, polyurethane, etc.

Not suitable for: EPDM, silicone rubber, CNBR, and polystyrene.

  • silikon entferner


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