FERPOX 1-K Epoxy Primer


fertan ferpox

Extreme corrosion protection


Simple Application

Quick dry

Temperature resistant up to 250°C

High abrasion resistance
FERPOX is a 1-component epoxy primer. It is lead and chromate free and temperature resistant.

FERPOX is applied like normal primer or paint and has particularly good adhesion to iron, steel, pre-treated aluminum or hot-dip galvanized metal. Due to its particularly high strength, FERPOX is the ideal primer for all metals subject to high stress or corrosion. In the automotive sector FERPOX is used in the following areas: underfloors, wheel arches, spray walls, frames, window frames, battery holders and many more. The application (application) is carried out by brush, roller or spray gun. When applying with compressed air spray guns, dilute with max. 10% nitro thinner.

When applying with a brush or roller, do not apply too thick layers, 1x thin layer is completely sufficient.

Compressed air processing:

Nozzle: 1.5

Pressure: 2 – 4 bar

Thinner: Niro thinner (only).

Theoretical yield: Different depending on surface type and processing

Yield: Film thickness

Wet Dry Surface

77µm 50 µm 6.9 m²/kg

108 µm 70 µm 4.8 m²/kg

Please do not use the product at temperatures below 10˚ C and protect it from frost! All surfaces must be dry and free of grease, oil and silicone. Ideal working temperature: approx. 20° C. Application up to relative humidity of max. 65%. Pre-treat rust and corrosion with FERTAN.

Delivery viscosity: approx. 150 sec. DIN 4 mm

Density: approx. 1.18 – 1.24 kg/litre

Overpaintable: approx. 6 hours at 20° C.

Cured: approx. 24 hours at 20° C.

Overpaintable with 1-K and 2-K standard paints: at 2-K max. 150 µm.

Drying time at 20° C: Dust-dry: approx. 30 min. – Non-slip: approx. 60 min.

Temperature resistance: -40° C to +250° C Permanent load – (color change possible)

Colour: Basalt grey approx. RAL 7012 – Silk gloss

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