Quickclean Oil Binder

Quickclean Oil Binder


Extremely absorbent

Extremely economical


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QUICKCLEAN is a new generation oil binder in powder form.

Classification criterion: Oil binder type III R

The product differs significantly from other oil binders because it does not absorb water and is buoyant. This is particularly important when oil or chemicals are floating on the water. These can then be bound with QUICKCLEAN, removed from the water or simply absorbed without the water being contaminated.

Extremely cost-saving due to the small quantities required. The product absorbs 2.5 times its own weight. No water is absorbed in the process. Oil and chemicals are separated by the product in the water. Optimum use also on water surfaces etc. QUICKCLEAN causes no scratches on handles or tiles, floors become clean and non-slip. Due to the very small quantity required, disposal costs are also very low.

Very low own weight, very economical and unlimited storable, also in a humid environment.

QUICKCLEAN is available in 3 litre and 20 litre bags.

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