FERTAN Rust Converter

FERTAN Rust Converter - The perfect derusting solution

FERTAN Rostkonverter - Der perfekte Rostumwandler

Dissolves rust instead of covering it.

Can be applied using roll, brush or spray gun.

Over-coatable with all common primers and paints.

Also works in cavities.

Good creep-ability.
FERTAN is optimally suitable for derusting:
  • Vehicles, vehicle parts, and fuel tanks.
  • Cavities in car bodies.
  • Metal structures
  • Ships, parts of ships, including the bilge
  • Port facilities.
  • Cranes without damaging the turntable.
  • Steel halls, conservatories, and other carbon steel components.


FERTAN converts rust to an inert stable material that can be painted or coated. On bare metal, it prevents rust. It is extremely efficient and has unlimited shelf life.

  1. Loosen surface rust using a brush, abrasives or pressure washer.
  2. Apply FERTAN using a brush, roller or sponge and let it sit for about an hour.
  3. Dampen the treated surface with water to maximise penetration.
  4. Leave FERTAN to react with the surface for 24 hours at 20C to 48 hours if lower for best results.
  5. Remove the black powdery dust with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.
  6. Paint the treated surface with paint within 6 months, for effective long-term results. 1 litre of FERTAN treats about 15 sq. mtrs.
FERTAN may leave stains on pale coloured surfaces. We advise removing the stains with a damp cloth.
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